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Our Pride and Joy!
Enjoy the photos and little stories below as you browse the "Caleb and Connor Experience."
For those of you who recently read "The New Father Fog", below is a photo of Caleb soon after he was born... Kristi is taking her first look at Caleb after I just got done telling her he was Beautiful!
For more stories and photos of Caleb and Connor be sure to visit our "Camping Photos" section after viewing this page...
Connor the day of his birth weighing in at a hefty 10 lbs. 13 oz.  Now you know why Kristi had a C-Section and why we called Connor our little Sumo baby!
Connor at 3 weeks of age. He changed a great deal in his first 3 weeks...
Caleb as one of his favorite story characters!
Caleb short take:

My wife Kristi told me the other day that she went by Caleb's (who was three at the time) room and overheard him singing a song about me. His words were, "I love my daddy, I love my daddy, I love my daddy..."

I started getting warm fuzzies in my tummy thinking of how sweet it was that he was singing about me and started to swell with pride!

However his next verse was, "BUT I DON"T KNOW WHY! NO, I DON'T KNOW WHY!"

Then back to: "I love my daddy, I love my daddy..."
Caleb our little actor!

This short take brought to you by Caleb, future Oscar winner...

This scene happened as I was getting ready to take Kristi and the boys to O'Hare Airport. They were going to Florida for a vacation, while I had to stay home and work.... the next morning, in the hotel, as we were getting ready to go, Caleb, my three year old, said, "Mommy, is Daddy going on the airplane with us?" Mommy told him no. He then looked at me and said, "Daddy! You aren't going with us! Mommy said so!" He proceeded to make fun of me for a couple of minutes, which I tried to take in stride with only a few weak moments as thoughts of pile driving my offspring into the bed went through my head...

We finished packing our luggage as I prepared for two whole weeks without my family. That's when Caleb the actor, decided it was time to go for an Oscar nomination.

"Daddy.....sniff, sniff, (He gave me a big hug and stepped back from me) Daddy, I sure hope I miss you!" Then he proceeded to pretend to try and make himself cry.

My wife and I just laughed and laughed, as we enjoyed a moment that we will remember forever...
You have to hear this sound file!! (Click Here)

Click on the link above!
Here is our Caleb, who was 2 1/2 years old at the time, saying, "Stinkin' stink, I'm a sorry lookin' dude! (laughter) I'm a stinkin', stinkin' stink!"

The phrase "stinkin' stink", is my favorite thing to say when I am irritated, and of course Caleb picked up on it...
Daddy and Caleb chillin' on the couch...
Connor at 5 months!

We are not sure if he is happy in this photo, or if he just has gas!
Caleb giving mommy a BIG kiss!  This is one of my favorite pictures....
Ta Ta For Now! Come back and visit this page soon!
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